Multi Lingual

Supports 13 languages

AirDrop Tokens

Reach Targeted Investors

Multiple Crypto Wallets

Supports BTC,BTG, ETH & ETC Coins

Integrated KYC

100% Authentic Investors

Referral Bonus

Attract More Crypto Investors


Branded For Your business

Two Factor Authentication

The platform follows the best security protocols and has an added layer of security with users requiring a two factor authentication to log in to the platform.

Role Based Admin Privileges

Role based Privileges can be defined for admin, so that the your legal team controls KYC approval, marketing team controls Airdrop and other marketing features etc.

No Transaction Costs

Designed on a scalable node infrastructure that communicates directly with the platform to conduct transactions eliminates any transaction costs.

Admin Panel Reports

The admin dashboard allows you to access all platform functionalities as well as reports from a single interface. Role based privileges will ensure only required info is provided to role based admin.

Bounty & Bonus Program

The ICO platforms bounty module can define rewards for achieving ICO milestones. Additional coins can be rewarded to attract active participation.

User Access Management

From blacklisting to managing user permissions the ICO platform provides you complete control and authority to manage user access to your token ecosystem.

A secure, scalable & transparent platform to distribute your blockchain tokens.

Our ICO platform helps organize blockchain token & virtual currency crowd sales in a safe, secure & transparent ecosystem.The platform ensures that your blockchain ecosystem is built on a winning solution to execute your Pre ICO sale, ICO Sale and Post ICO token distributions safely and securely.







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ICO Nation's ICO platform is a batlle tested full service ICO platform, that can kick start your ICO campaigns in a week's time.